Aerial view of Plymouth Sound looking towards the city


MyCoast incorporates several tools, including prediction of pollution risk and tracking drifting objects.

MyCoast provides several tools based on forecast sea conditions which can be used to support a wide range of organisations that are affected by coastal risks and maritime safety in and around Plymouth. The tools include:

Predictions of pollution accumulation risk areas

Figure of bathing water quality risk
This tool identifies hotspots where marine litter and pollution may accumulate at sea at any given time. It can be used to inform water quality testing, clean-up operations, recreational activities and much more. See the pollution risk tool document for further details and examples of predictions of bathing water quality.

Search and rescue


Screenshot of the ADRIFT search and rescue tool

This tool can predict where lost people or equipment would likely end up given the entry point into the water and predicted sea conditions. This can be used to assist search and rescue operations and recovery of equipment.

If you are interested in using the tool please contact Dr Ricardo Torres, for access and login information.

Predictions of oil spill movement

This tool can trace oil spill pollution to aid management, mitigation and clean-up measures.

For further information on MyCoast tools contact Dr Ricardo Torres,


Pollution risk tool
Download the pollution risk document to see how the pollution risk tool works and see examples of predicitons for water quality conditions.