Wembury is located on the southwestern corner of Plymouth Sound. It has a popular beach which is well known for its surfing and rock pooling. Wembury Marine Centre provides educational displays, activities and marine-themed events.

Wembury and the surrounding coastline form a Marine Conservation Area and a Special Area of Conservation.

The table below summarises our forecasts of today’s and tomorrow’s surface ocean and atmospheric conditions.

Line plots

Line plots show the tidal height, water speed and direction for yesterday, today and tomorrow. Hover your mouse over the lines to see the heights at specific times.

Contour plots

Contour plots show how the water speed, temperature and salinity vary with depth over a 72 hour period.

contour plots for Bovisand


Animations show the changes in surface salinity and temperature over a 72 hour period. Lower salinity waters entering from the estuaries and the effects of tides can clearly be seen.